About the Rapid Reborn

If you have been looking around the MasterNode-type Coin market (POW), you will have noticed that there are many great project ideas proposed. Some of them succeed, others have problems starting and are greatly undervalued. Sometimes, developers become silent for unknown reasons.

The Rapid Reborn was built for the purpose of reviving those projects with great potential. Projects that have gained interest from the investing and supporting community are listed on our platform. Here is what the coin is all about...

Provide a platform for sharing and voting for the best new projects

Manage crowdfunding to revive projects in need of development

Participate in hosting masternodes - the easy way !

Profit from great advice provided by members

Our two future Platforms will revolutionize the future of all crypto users with our Rapid Core Marketplace Platform and our future RapidSpots Expanded Reality Technology



Rapid members are free to join our discord to gain insight into the masternode market. Our members hunt for new projects that are in need of love. They want to restore the value of their investment and are eager to participate in the success of the projects they were supporting for months and years.


Enable the exchange of ideas and research created by our members. Enable projects by providing technical expertise and marketing strategies, and most important, restore HOPE!


We enable masternode hosting, and gather research for Coins with the greatest potential. We allow for exchange of ideas with a voting mechanism.

Specification for RapidCoin

Our coin will launch without an ICO.
Revenue for the team comes mainly from platform fees.

500,000,000 Max Supply
15,000,000 Dev & Community dont have control of premine
240 MN / 120 PoW Reward = 400 RAPID | Block time: 2.5 min
450,000 Masternode Requirements
181 % ROI


Our roadmap is a plan where we take on the most complex problems and turn them into great solutions